Hospital at Home
Hospital-level healthcare, delivered at home

If given a choice, most people would prefer to be treated at home rather than in a hospital, however many are concerned about how they would cope without the support of specialist hospital staff.

As an approved provider for Queensland Health's HITH (Hospital in the Home) program, LINCS offers a quality in-home alternative for patients who would otherwise be treated in a traditional in-patient setting.

Delivered in partnership with healthcare specialists, our highly qualified nurses' work alongside hospital clinicians, GPs, local pharmacists and allied health professionals to deliver client focused outcomes that take into consideration the psychological, physical and environmental needs of the patient.

LINCS Hospital in the Home is available to all age groups, from 18 years of age, and patient eligibility is determined by authorised medical practitioners at the initial admitting hospital. It can be provided as part of an episode of hospital care or as a complete substitute for hospitalisation.

Put your mind at rest before you leave hospital

LINCS' Hospital in the Home service is now covered by approximately 25 private health insurers, so check with your health fund – either prior to admission, or at discharge from hospital - to see if you qualify for in-home care.

To find out more about our Hospital in the Home program, please call our hotline
 1300 054 627