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Privacy and Dignity

LINCS Healthcare is committed to the 13 Australian Privacy Principles outlined in the National Privacy Act 1998 (Amended March 2014) and has in place procedures that ensure compliance with the legislation.

Client privacy and dignity is a matter of prime importance to us, and all our staff are trained to be sensitive to, and respectful of our client's privacy and dignity at all times.

We believe all clients have the right to be alone or undisturbed and to be free from public attention or intrusion into their private affairs.

LINCS staff are guests in the client's home and staff will only enter a client's property (or rooms within the property) with express consent.

Staff of LINCS respect the rights of clients to make telephone calls without being overheard or seen by a worker.

We encourage our clients to speak to their care manager if they feel their privacy or dignity is not being respected.

Confidentiality of Information

The clients' rights to confidentiality will be safeguarded by LINCS at all times. Staff will not disclose any personal information about the client to a third party unless this has been agreed with the individual. Agreement to disclose information should only be sought if it is for his/her benefit, e.g. for the purpose of assisting in their support.


Records will be designed, used and stored so as to assure privacy. Legislative controls over records, such as the Australian Privacy Act 1998 (Amended March 2014) and the 13 privacy principles, will be adhered to, and the client's explicit permission in writing will be sought before information is passed to any person other than those directly concerned with the care of the client.

Records will be made available to the client's principal carer, and family according to the wishes of the client.