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Our Promise
Not only does LINCS provide exceptional healthcare in the community, we proudly stand by the 12 point promise we offer every client

No waiting period

We have no waiting lists with services normally in place within 48 hours.

Rapid Response

We can have services in place either on the same day as the referral or within 48 hours of the referral.

Call before a visit

We phone before each visit to let you know we're on the way and give an approximate time of arrival.

Flexible for your needs

Depending on the level of your healthcare needs, your homecare appointments will fit into 1, 2 or a 4 hour window.  

After-hours support

If you contact outside of work hours we will get back to you by 10am the next working day for non-urgent matters and for urgent matters an on-call registered nurse is immediately available after-hours.

After-hour contacts

We can provide an after-hours contact number for clients and referrers, which is especially comforting for our palliative care clients.  

Registered Nurses

A registered nurse is the minimal qualification to be a case manager at LINCS.

We will help you.

We have a patient centric case management model. If we can't provide a service we will help you find it.  


We will clearly explain your funding options.

Adaptive plans

Our client care plans are reviewed regularly and can adapt to the client's wishes.  


Referrals are accepted 7 days per week.


We maintain regular communication with referrers.  

For a level of in-home healthcare you won't find anywhere else, call LINCS on 1300 054 627