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Mission and Vision

Our vision for LINCS Healthcare is to be a quality provider of Community Nursing, Personal Care, Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy services to maintain people of all ages in their own homes, including those with complex needs, and who are at risk of premature or inappropriate institutionalisation or unnecessary length of stays in hospital.

We aspire to lead the way in innovation, quality, service, and expertise that stands out as a benchmark of 'best practice' amongst our competitors, to our clients, and for our providers. To achieve this we recognise the importance of continual and quality improvement.

LINCS is dedicated to providing patient focused Care Plans that are comprehensive and developed in collaboration with all stakeholders: patient, carer, clinical, nursing, and allied health professionals.

LINCS Healthcare recognises patients as unique individuals and promotes respect for their privacy and dignity at all times. Care Plans are designed to ensure continuity and a quality of care that fosters optimum patient outcomes.

LINCS is committed to open and effective communications and the establishment and maintenance of clear and effective channels of communication across the whole range of its activities. It believes that the communication of reliable information promotes quality healthcare, offers patients assistance in making informed choices, and plays a vital role in motivating and supporting staff.

LINCS aspires to seven core quality principles:

1. Patient Centred Care: The needs of the patient are central to the care process.
2. Inclusive: the patient is included in the decision making process surrounding all aspects of their cares, and in their self-care management. The patient is supported in engaging with their wider community. The patient's family, including partner and friends are encouraged to participate in the care client's care plan - where the care client is comfortable with them doing so.
3. Independence and wellness: Patients are supported in attaining as much independence as able and to keep the patient as clinically stable as possible
4. To provide our patients with quality of life and quality of care.
5. Reliability and Quality: of staff and service provision.
6. Enabling and Participative: supporting the patient to have a full and meaningful life and to participate in social activities.
7. Empowering: to assist the patient to regain some control in their life.

To assist in achieving these commitments effectively and efficiently, LINCS is committed to maintaining and continually improving its quality management system, which it has established throughout the company to meet the requirements of the Industry Standard AS/NZS ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Systems – requirements.